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hidden termite damage


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Pest Control today, is a lot More Than just spraying around your home. The industry changes almost weekly with products being removed & new products & control methods coming out. Pest Control technicians  are required to continue education classes & stay up to date with the latest products and treatment methods.  The main reason new calls come in daily, is with frustrated people, who have spent lots of time and money only to realize they should have called a professional & saved money.


The termite damage picture, is of someone that had no evidence of damage. They did see what they

thought were flying ants coming our from under the base boards of the living room. This only happens 3 months during the early spring. They sprayed some Raid & ignored it for 3 yrs. This was the result thinking they had killed the flying ants each year.

    Over $7,000 in damages.

Because a home owner will not usually see this pest, Termites can  go undetected year after year. By the time you realize you & start to see signs of termites and the damage they do, its to late. You may already have thousands of dollars in hidden damage. It is recommended that your home be checked by a proffesional every year.  

Ants are another pest that can be very hard to control. There are many types of ants. If you do not identify &  choose the right type of treatment, and just spray an over the counter product, this can cause some ants to split and spread into smaller colonies. This will cause  a much longer control time frame, even for a professional to control, and causes more frustration for your family.

Bed Bugs is the fastest growing problem in this area. We are now  working with a natural soy  base product,  that is not classified as pesticide. Very safe for your family.  We have found it to be VERY effective and can last in the home for a year after application. It can also be used  as 1 yr preventative treatment. 


Foothills Pest Control Technicians & staff are what keeps our customers coming back year after year. As a new customer, they are the first physical, face to face contact, you have with us, and they care about what you think of Foothills. All of our staff, are one of the reason's we have been around since 1993. They continue to take pride in there job, and do there best, to do the job right the first time. Foothills staff, and there family's all have an investment in where the company goes from here. They are all in it for the long hall. That translates for our customers,  into a comfortable environment, knowing that you will get to know & begin to build trust in the person coming into your family's home. They will go the extra mile to make your experience with us is a great one,  as we want build a great relationship together. Most all of our customers to date, have a very close relationship with there service providers.




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